BioBricks fuel for Fireplaces and Wood Stoves


Designed to Excel
in Wood Stoves
& Fireplaces

BioBricks®, a new look at Firewood

Affordable Renewable Energy!

BioPellet, LLC's BioBricks are designed to improve the efficiency of a wood stove because they burn longer, cleaner and more completely. The bricks stack close together, the moisture content is low and the material is dense so it burns consistently. They are the perfect size; if bigger they might not burn up completely, if smaller they might burn too hot.

BioBricks have a uniform rectangular shape which makes it easier to tightly pack a stove with the greatest amount of BioBricks. Because BioBricks can be tightly packed, the fire burns longer and more uniform. A ton of BioBricks, when burned, will give as much heat as a cord of seasoned firewood.

BioBricks are free of the dust, dirt, bugs, vermin, and the mess that is commonly associated with burning cordwood, and BioBricks produce 1/2 the particulates (smoke) compared with good cordwood.

BioBricks are your environmentally conscious, easy to use, economical solution to winter heating.

Call for BioBrick Pricing & Availability

40lb Pkg.

20 bricks per pkg.

1/2 Ton

25 packages

1 Ton

50 packages

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